For the Modern English version of the Anglo-Saxons' interpretation of Lord Thor, see Thunor.

"Þunres beadu ƿiþ þā entas" be Mårten Eskil Winge, 1872

Þunor is rēadhǣrod and bēardod Ōs þæs þunres, þæs Þēodisces Hǣðenscipes, and his underǣ Norþmannisc Hǣðenscipe. His nama on Nīƿum Englisce is Thor, Ealdum Norþmannisce is Þórr, on Ealdum Seaxisce is Thunaer and on Ealdum Þēodisce and Ealdum Hēam Þēodisce is Donar, ealle sind fram Ealdorliċum Þēodisce *Þunraz ȝenumen.

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