Despite numerous external influences and a heavy Christian overlay due to centuries of attempted suppression, the heathen origins of the healing practice of Braucherei are difficult to hide. The pervasiveness of Christianity has always varied from practitioner to practitioner, so many elements stand out dramatically. Urglaawe kindreds are studying the practices and identifying the more clearly heathen elements and incorporating them into our philosophies.

Braucherei, whether with a heavier or lighter Heathen basis, is usually transmitted from master to apprentice within a Freindschaft or guild structure. The most readily available location for learning the practice in its evolved form is the Three Sisters Center for the Healing Arts through its Der Braucherei Weg coursework. The Three Sisters Center, although not specifically a Heathen organization, has been supportive of Urglaawer's research and investigation into the Heathen component of the Braucherei practice. Their webiste is