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Eye of Odin, þe hātte Ƿēdnesēage on Ealdum Englisce, biþ nama þæs ealdan ǣthūses þe ǣror hēt "Eden" in Hveragerdin, Īslande. Þis ǣthūs ƿierþ mæniȝ þing habban for Hǣðen and Norþmannisc sidaþing.

Ymbe hƿæðer hit biþ riht tō hæbbenne Hǣðna cyste in stede hātte Eden, Gudbrandur Gíslason, hēafodmann þæs Eye of Odin clīeƿen, andsƿarode þæt, “Of course all Christian ideas on how the world was created will be wiped out so the Eden name has to go. It will become the Eye of Odin.”

Ūtanƿeard bendEdit

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