New England Heathen is a website for the New England community and the greater North East area. The articles are updated on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, which include event information, heathen articles, lore, Old English riddles, and movie/book reviews. It also has a music and arts section, links to podcast and newsfeeds, and an event calendar. Registered member can put up a profile, view other members' profiles, and connect with other members.

The owner and administrator of NE Heathen is Anna Bucci, also known as Ciarin and Bathilde. She has been running the site since its creation.

Authors of the articles vary, and include voluntary submissions, reposts of blog articles, and excerpts of news articles, as well as articles from the owner/admin.

History Edit

Created in January 2007, in order for the active heathen community in New England to have a common site for news, events, information and links. It has recieved a steady amount of visitors since then.

Events Edit

Since March 2007, the events listed on the site do not include all of the local events. The site currently only lists events from the RICTMA Newsletter and some national events, and any user submitted events. This was due to a complaint by a host of the event who did not wish their event to be posted without permission.

Links Edit

The links section includes links for heathen organizations, local heathen groups and kindreds, discussion groups/mailing lists, heathen periodicals, and other pagan links.