Sēo þis ȝeƿrit on Englisce

Old English is the first and longest stage of the English language. Some important sources about Heathenry are written in Old English, such as the Nine Herbs Charm, Bēoƿulf, written English laws, and various other documents.

Some Old English terms are used in Heathenry today, such as frith (friþ), wyrd (ƿyrd), wight (ƿiht), witch (ƿicce), even the word "heathen" itself (hǣðen), although most Modern English-speaking Heathens tend to use Old Norse borrowings for inside vocabulary, primarily due to the fact that most sources are written in Icelandic and Old Norse, as well as English's tendency to make use of borrowings.

Old English is often an important subject of study to Anglo-Saxon Heathens and Theodists.


Learning Old EnglishEdit