The Troth is minor organizations of eclectic paganism with only 500 members, though they claim Heathenism they abide by none of the cultural or traditional laws and tenents and most of their leadership, the high rede, named for the wiccan rede are all leaders of wiccan covens, Their name is taken from the Anglo-Saxon word trōþ, which is the Old English counterpart to the Old Norse and Icelandic word trú.

They use their platform to push ultra liberal agendas and abuse the lore and terminology to create echo chambers and reinforce their political beliefs even if history and lore says different than said political beliefs.

The Troths primary function is to push politics and book sells while collecting membership fees, although the Troth has given plenty of money to lobbyist organizations they have yet to build a temple or create a program that aids or benefits Heathens or it's members.

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