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2010 TrothmootEdit

St. Croix State Park Norway Point Group Camp Hinckley, MN June 10th-13th 2010

Trothmoot Registration

  • The Trothmoot 2010 committee reserves the right to deny any application for any reason.*

Send registration form to: Troth Moot Registration c/o Volkshof Kindred PO Box 290241 Minneapolis, MN 55429

Pay online with a debit or credit card through Paypal

Food Plan: All attendees are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the food plan which covers Thursday lunch through Sunday brunch. The food plan will cost fifty-five dollars ($55) per person, and all Food Plan participants are expected to sign up for at least one shift of food preparation or cleanup.

Please note: The food plan is OPTIONAL. Attendees do not have to participate. If you choose not to participate in the food plan then all meals with the exception of the Saturday Night Feast are your responsibility. Additionally, due to space constraints, we cannot allow access to the kitchen. Bring coolers, camp stoves, etc. along with you.

Trothmoot 2010 Pre-Registration

The Pre-registration price is for Registrations and Fees received by May 15th.

Registration (adult 13 and older) - $55.00 Registration (Couple) - $90.00 Registration (KAP) - $50.00 Children (under 13 yrs) - $0.00 Food Plan (per Adult) - $55.00 Food Plan (per Child) - $25.00

If you have registration questions please contact the Trothmoot Committee: