Urglaawe is the pursuit of heathenry through the lens of the Pennsylvania German (Deitsch) culture.

Despite the fact that the German regions of Europe were Christian for many centuries prior to the Diaspora to the Americas, quite a few Heathen practices continued among the Pennsylvania Germans after emigration from Europe. Some historical references belie the presence of Heathen practices among the Deitsch. For example, F.J.F. Schantz writes on page 80 of The Domestic Life and Characteristics of the Pennsylvania-German Pioneer:

"Not all Pennsylvania-German pioneers were good Christian people. With such as were not, sin did abound, and men were given to idolatry, giving to the creature what is to be given to God only; they abused God's name by profanity, by superstitious practices..."

The task among Urglaawer has been to identify the Heathen elements in folklore, language, and practices, and to isolate them from the overlays from external influences as much as possible. It is no small task, but, fortunately, many traditions were carried into the present by various segments of the community, particularly by those outside of the Anabaptist sects. The sectarians are very much a minority within the Deitsch nation, but their clothing and lifestyle choices make them the most visible of all the elements. Even among these "Plain" Deitsch, one can find the remnants of some Heathen practices. However, the "Fancy" Deitsch are the ones who brought most of the traditions into the present.

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Blockiger Freibesitz is an Urglaawe kindred in the Seattle, WA, area.

Der Urglaawe iss en heidischer Paad, wu en schtaricki Aehnlichkeit zum Asatru un annere Paade draagt, un wu aaverwandter zum gschichtliche Teitonische Heideland iss. Er entnimmt sei Grutze aus der Deitsche Heeliewing, Braucherei, un aus annere Germanische un Skandinavischen Urschprung. Der Urglaawe benutzt allebeed die Englisch un Deitsch Schprooche.

Wie bei annere Teitonische Glaawe un philosophische Paad kenne Urglaawische Aahenger unnerschittliche Iwwerzeigunge haawe, die vum vielgedderische Widderuffbau zu sammegemischde (auswaahlendische), pragmatische psychologische, adder mystische Schtandpunkde rumwandre.