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Wolves’ Wod Kindred & Tribal Organization, Inc. is a not for profit religious organization incorporated in the state of Indiana. We are a folkish/tribalist Asatru kindred. We have been described as particularly Icelandic in our approach. However, as a tribe, we have consciously sought to never abandon our elder roots. From our website: “We unite as a tribe and family to celebrate and follow the Germanic religion of Asatru. Our faith illuminates our lives and fulfills our souls--the religion of the Aesir & Vanir, of the Nine Noble Virtues, and our unique folkway and lore. We will strive not only to serve as a community for our own Asatru Family, but to remain in good standing as good citizens in our local community and as good, tru folk within other Asatru organizations/communities. Our members shall expect great things from our leadership, and that relationship is reciprocal, for a tribe is only as strong as it's membership. Our kindred members and leaders will facilitate a learning environment, rituals and rites of passage, in home spiritual counseling andcommunity support.” As of this writing (4/2/10), we can be found through our url www <dot> wolveswodkindred <dot> org, and on Facebook. Wolves' Wod Kindred is located in Southwestern Indiana.

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